Presentation, promotion and price.

In any market, there are certain factors which come into play when selling your home. Here are some of the basics along with how I can help you prepare for a smooth move.

Well-loved Condition

Most buyers do not want to buy a project or someone else’s to-do list. A house with a lot of deferred maintenance will put off a lot of buyers. Usually the only people interested in these types of properties require a great discount. Again, you are competing with a lot of other homes out there. Make your home shine.

I can help out tips and advice on what renovations would help add value and sell your home faster.

Eye Catching Photos & an Effective Marketing Plan

There are a lot of properties out there for sale. Buyers typically have several properties to choose from so sellers really need to set themselves apart. Most buyers today start their search on the internet. If you have limited photos or if they are blurry or dark you really hinder your chances of having the buyers want to see your home.

I can help you out here, with a background in photography and graphic design, and the proper equipment, it is my mandate to showcase your home in it’s best light. I will advertise your home in the Salt Spring Real Estate Guide, MLS website and on my own website.

Fantastic Realtor

Selling a home today is not easy. Hire a good Realtor who is on top of the local market. This may be your largest financial transactions. You will save yourself a lot of headaches if you hire a professional Realtor.

I am choosing to focus primarily on working with buyers for the time being, but would be happy to refer you to a colleague based on your unique selling situation.

Good Clean Home

Everyone loves a clean house. Now is the time to scrub and shine. Clear out the clutter and have a garage sale. You will be moving, so get a head start now and box up what you can. I will provide you with tips on staging your home, so the first impression will be a lasting impression.

Appropriate Price

This is the most important piece of the puzzle! Buyers are exercising caution. If you have the wrong asking price on your home, chances are it won’t sell. Put your buyer shoes on and try to be objective. Why would a buyer pick your home over competing homes?

I will prepare a Market Analysis which shows comparable homes that have sold in order to help determine a price that makes your home attractive to a purchaser.

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